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Basic RFA's


Immunue Surveillance and Modulation

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The Lustgarten Foundation invites individual or collaborative proposals focused on the study of immunologic mechanisms that are dysfunctional in pancreas cancer.  Specifically, the Foundation is looking for proposals that explore the basic mechanisms of immune escape and have as the ultimate goal a correction of these deficits in vivo.

Early Stage Target Validation for Pancreas Cancer
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Although our increased genetic and biological understanding of pancreas cancer is creating new ideas in how to best treat the disease, there currently are no approved molecularly targeted therapies for this disease. The Lustgarten Foundation invites collaborative or individual basic concept proposals to carry out early stage target validation studies for pancreas cancer. This program will support work to determine whether manipulation of a defined biological target provides a disease-relevant beneficial outcome in a relevant in vivo pancreas cancer model. The target should be clearly defined, and applicants must provide a sound mechanistic rationale for its role in PDAC. Applicants may propose a variety of methods to manipulate a target, including but not limited to use of pharmacological tools or biologic strategies (small molecules, antibodies, RNAi, viral vector-mediated gene delivery, etc.). Proposals may include intermediate tests using in vitro, ex vivo and/or model organisms (e.g., Drosophila, C. elegans) to optimize the ideal target manipulation strategy, but preference will be given to those applications that eventually will validate targets in a mammalian animal model of PDAC.

Impact of Chromatin Alteration in Pancreas Cancer
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The sequencing of the pancreas cancer genome has identified a number of “driver” mutations in genes encoding chromatin remodeling factors whose impact on pancreas cancer have not been defined. The Lustgarten Foundation invites individual or collaborative proposals that focus on the impact that chromatin alterations have on the development, progression or treatment of pancreas cancer. Successful applications will be mechanism based and have a high likelihood of revealing how mutations in chromatin modifying factors alone or collectively alter the pancreas cancer “epigenome” and influence the disease. Descriptive or correlative studies will not be considered.

New Models of PDAC
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Models are needed to improve our ability to easily and cost effectively develop and monitor pancreas cancer in model systems, test new treatment strategies, easily manipulate and dissect the many genetic, cell type and microenvironment variables that play a role in the development and progression of pancreas cancer. Therefore, the Lustgarten Foundation invites collaborative or individual basic concept proposals focused on the development and validation of new model systems of pancreatic cancer. Models may include (but are not limited to) – new animal models, patient derived xenografts, new cell culture systems, carcinogen induced lesions, or the development of new genetic tools to better model the disease. Successful applications will be scientifically sound and judged to have the greatest potential to impact our understanding of the disease.

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