Thanks to private funding, 100% of every dollar donated to The Lustgarten Foundation goes directly to pancreatic cancer research.
Milestones & Momentum

Milestones & Momentum

We are proud to report that thanks to your generosity, we have surpassed the goal of our Milestones & Momentum Year-End Campaign, raising more than $750,000 for urgently needed pancreatic cancer research. 

Because of your support, we will be funding even more innovative projects for 2017 than we had initially planned, with an emphasis on earlier detection; new treatments, including breakthroughs in immunology and personalized medicine; and improved methods of drug delivery. 

Thanks to friends like you, we have committed more than $130 million in research funding to date. We have supported more than 200 research projects at over 60 institutions worldwide that have made significant advancements in research. We are currently funding nearly 40 scientists and their respective research teams, and we are collaborating with Stand Up To Cancer on several projects designed to better understand and treat the disease using novel approaches. 

The incredible milestones we have reached drive us to continue working towards our shared goal of finding a cure, because pancreatic cancer patients and their loved ones deserve nothing less. 

Together, we will turn the promise of a cure into a reality. 

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