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Novel Agents for Pancreas Cancer

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The Lustgarten Foundation invites collaborative or individual concept proposals focusing on the identification,optimization and preclinical evaluation of novel agents for the treatment of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinomas. These may include, but are not limited to, small molecules, biologics (e.g. antibodies), and nucleic acids (e.g.RNAi, ASO). Approaches such as high-throughput screening coupled with medicinal chemistry and antibody generation coupled with protein engineering are welcome. Innovative therapeutic strategies based modulation of tumor immune response, metabolism, epigenetics or stem cells are particularly encouraged. All proposals must include plans to demonstrate significant anti-tumor activity in relevant animal model.

Clinical and Molecular Markers of Metastatic Burden
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Many genetic features of pancreatic cancer have recently been explored in detail, and differences in tumor clones that comprise the primary and metastatic tumor clones have been identified. However, it is unknown whether response to therapy is superior in patients with less disease burden. It is also unknown how to optimally sequence therapy for localized tumors given that a delay in systemic therapy may allow progression of metastatic disease. Interestingly, 2 independent databases with a combined 228 pancreatic cancer patients demonstrated that patients at autopsy could be grouped by having less than 10, 10-99, or >100 metastases. Additionally, some patients (approximately 10%) had no metastatic disease. It is unknown whether the efficacy of chemotherapy (and chemo/radiotherapy for locally advanced disease) could be related to metastatic tumor burden, since most series do not document the extent of disease in detail at the time of therapy. Therefore, The Lustgarten Foundation invites collaborative or individual concept proposals focusing on the identification of clinical and molecular markers of metastatic burden, in order to better understand the risk of metastasis, and biological factors that govern treatment failure.

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