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Thru 2015 I have raised $54,270!!
Please support me in 2016! Thank You.
TransContinental pedestrian
Hi, My name is BJ Timoner. I am a pancreatic cancer research advocate and transcontinental pedestrian.

Nineteen days after my fifth birthday, I lost my father, Bert, to this horrible disease.
I have few memories of my father but I hold on to one in particular. I awoke in the middle of the night coughing with a minor chest cold , and I cried out for my mom to comfort me. A few moments later, my father, dressed in his bathrobe, was sitting next to me on my bed and rubbing and patting my back. I knew that he was very sick, and I asked why it was he and not my mom who had come to my room. He said, "Because I love you." I will never forget this night and my father's love for me. I know now that it must have broken his heart to know he would be leaving us. It brings tears to my eyes 38 years later. I have vowed to do everything I can to prevent this fate for another family.

Last year I WALKED across the USA from San Diego to Myrtle Beach in an effort to raise awareness and funds for pancreatic cancer research. Although I raised over $26,000, walked nearly 2700 miles, and appeared in media from coast to coast raising awareness, I KNOW that I can do better. That is why I have decided to walk across America again in 2013. I plan on leaving Los Angeles for New York on January 2nd, and if all goes well, I plan on returning East to West before 2013 runs out.

The devastating facts that every patient with a pancreatic cancer diagnosis must face:

1)The one year survival rate is 29%.
2)The five year survival rate is a mere 7%.
3)Although the fourth largest cancer killer in this country, pancreatic cancer receives a mere 2% of federal cancer funding.
4)An estimated 53,070 new cases of pancreatic cancer are expected to occur in the US in 2016.

With such grim statistics, a pancreatic cancer diagnosis feels like a death sentence. There is no system to appeal the sentence; there are few second chances.

Pancreatic cancer is the ONLY major cancer to not see an improvement in survival rates since the federal government declared the war on cancer in the early Seventies.
Please read that last sentence again, and think of what it means to the more than 40,000 families who will get the diagnosis this year. I am crushed by these facts, but I can't give up. I fight alongside thousands of others to beat this beast TOGETHER and give HOPE to those moms and dads, sisters and brothers, daughters and sons, who face this monster. Although it appears bleak, recent breakthroughs in early detection and continuing developments in treatment are reason to hope. I believe that every person who joins the fight now and that every dollar given to research now is more important than ever, as we grow closer every day to a turning point in our fight to combat this most pernicious cancer.

Please support me with a tax-deductible donation to The Lustgarten Foundation, and be as generous as you can. Your donation, along with my own, will help give pancreatic cancer patien
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8/6/2017Another fine finish for you in the Last Vol State Road Race. Congratulations and keep up the good work. You still remain an inspiration to many and remain hope to the victims and families of pancreatic cancer. May you always have blue skies and tailwinds!Robert Newton
7/8/20172017......ANOTHER MONEY RAISER WALK for The Lustgarten Foundation. 318 Miles in the Annusl Vol State Roas Race. Patricia Chanin
1/4/2015Starting off 2015 with a donation representing a dollar a day. I hope that other followers can add onto the 2015 year with any thoughtful donation. Hopefully this will be the year of the Cure,Patricia Chanin
8/22/2013BJ... Another donation made today, in memory of my fiancee Theresa A Weber... 22 Aug 2013.. This would have been her 56th Birthday.. passed away on Valentines Day 2005 @ age 47..Duane Koss
7/15/2013You now have met 2010 $$$ and it's still going!! Congrats!!!Anonymous
7/11/2013This one's for our dear friend, Barry. You go BJ!Ruby & Bill Mason
7/4/2013It's climbing $26,000. and hopefully more!!!Patricia
6/26/2013BJ, I just want to add that I am making a donation now. I can't thank you enough for your sacrifices made in the name of this horrific disease.Susan Shapiro
6/26/2013You have touched my heart, and brought me to tears with your perseverance against this beast of cancer. I lost my husband Bobby, on 8/21/11 in just six short weeks. My family, like yours, will never be intact again. Thanks you very much for dedicating your life to this cause; I so admire your strength.susan shapiro
6/25/2013Congratulations! You are nearing $25,000 raised from a remarkable journey. Your dedication and perseverance are an inspiration to many. Moreover, the hope and comfort you have given to survivors and families of victims has been nothing short of remarkable. Keep it up!!Robert Newton
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