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How to Cope with COVID-19 as a
Pancreatic Cancer Patient

Since the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, was officially declared a pandemic, more and more states across the country are asking people to stay home to help flatten the curve and prevent overwhelming hospitals. But for pancreatic cancer patients, this news may seem incredibly alarming, especially when actively undergoing treatment and faced with the possibility of postponing [...]

5 Things to Know About Clinical Trials

January is Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Trials Awareness Month. Clinical trials are important for delivering innovative and potentially life-saving new treatment options to patients. They may investigate new combinations of currently available drugs or study new treatments that have worked in other cancers. Through clinical trials, researchers can determine if a new treatment is more effective [...]

Pancreatic Cancer and Genetics: Is There Genetic Testing for Pancreatic Cancer Patients?

According to the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN)’s 2019 Clinical Practice Guidelines, all pancreatic cancer patients should undergo genetic or germline testing for inherited genetic mutations, regardless of family history. Under these new recommendations, this testing should be done by a physician and the cost should be covered by insurance. The Lustgarten Foundation also encourages [...]
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