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Financial Assistance for Drug Costs

Cancer patients who are in financial need may qualify for a variety of financial assistance for drug costs.  There are a several of situations where these programs can help including:

  • When you have no insurance or have lost your insurance through a job change.
  • When you have no coverage for your particular drug.
  • When you think you cannot afford the out-of-pocket costs of your insurance.

These pharmaceutical company sponsored programs can cover all aspects of drug costs if you and your family qualify.  The program you would apply to differs based on the drugs your doctor has prescribed.  Lists of current assistance programs can be found at several on line sites including:


Created by a social worker and a physician, this web site is intended to serve as a clearinghouse of information on drug assistance programs offered through many pharmaceutical companies. The site is designed to assist patients in accessing medicine at reduced or no cost if there is a demonstrated financial need. The website also has programs such as Assistance for Specific Diseases and Conditions, Application Assistance, State Sponsored Programs and Medicaid Sites.

The Partnership for Prescription Assistance

1-888-4PPA-NOW (1-888-477-2669)
The Partnership for Prescription Assistance brings together America’s pharmaceutical companies, doctors, other health care providers, patient advocacy organizations and community groups to help qualifying patients who lack prescription coverage get the medicines they need through the public or private program that’s right for them. The site offers a single point of access to more than 475 public and private patient assistance programs, including more than 150 programs offered by pharmaceutical companies.

Patient Access Network Foundation

The PAF Co-Pay Relief Program (CPR) provides direct financial support to insured patients, including Medicare Part D beneficiaries, who must financially and medically qualify to access pharmaceutical co-payment assistance. The program offers personal service to all patients through the use of call counselors; personally guiding patients through the enrollment process.



Caring 4 Cancer



The Caring4Cancer website has an information resource to help you find out what drug assistance programs might be available to assist you in getting your medications. They have a searchable list of companies and their financial assistance programs listed by drug name, company name and individual program. 





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