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Tips for your Doctor visit

Think ahead about what you will say. Write out a list of questions before you meet with your doctors.

While you can certainly start with some pleasantries, don’t get caught up in small talk. The doctor’s time is limited and you wouldn’t want to miss asking an important question because you were talking about your grandchildren.

Tell the doctor about your most pressing concerns as early in the visit as possible. Don’t wait till the end to bring them up.

Don't try to “teach” the doctor about medicine based on everything you've learned on the Internet or from friends. Just like patients don't like to be lectured to by doctors, doctors don't like to be lectured to by patients.

Clearly if you have information to share with your doctor ask him/her to help you understand what you've learned elsewhere.

Make sure that the doctor isn’t doing all the talking especially if you don’t understand. You have to stop them and say, “I'm sorry, doctor, I didn't understand you. Can you repeat that?' Or try paraphrasing the doctor and then asking, "Do I have that right?"

Take notes or ask to use a tape recorder. Most doctors won't mind if you explain that you want to remember the conversation or share it with loved ones.

Consider bringing a friend or loved one as a second listener.

If all your questions aren't answered during one appointment, ask the doctor if you can make another appointment, follow up by phone or e-mail, or seek help from another member of your medical team.

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100% of every donation goes directly to pancreatic cancer research.

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