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Pancreatic Cancer Treatment Teams

Group of DoctorsOne doctor will be in charge of your care, but an entire team may be involved in creating and implementing your treatment plan. The team approach is a way to benefit from the expertise and experience of many people. It is called multidisciplinary care.

Pancreatic Cancer Doctors

It is important to seek specialists who have experience in pancreatic cancer and work together to plan your treatment.  Your team of doctors may include:

Surgeons are medical doctors who perform operations. Finding a surgeon who has experience in performing pancreatic cancer operations is important.

Medical oncologists
Medical oncologists are medical doctors who prescribe anticancer medications.

Radiation oncologists
Radiation oncologists specialize in treating cancer with radiation.

Pathologists are medical doctors trained to examine cells under a microscope for the diagnosis of cancer and other diseases.

Endocrinologists specialize in disorders of glands of the endocrine system.

Gastroenterologists specialize in disorders of the digestive system.

Additional Treatment Team Members 

Genetic counselors
Genetic counselors have special training and/or certification in genetic counseling and medical genetics. They help provide patients with information about the genetics of pancreatic cancer.

Oncology nurses
Oncology nurses have special training in managing the treatment and care of patients with cancer. Among their duties are giving chemotherapy drugs, helping manage side effects, and providing patient education.

Physician’s assistants
Physician’s assistants are trained in an accredited program and certified by an appropriate board to perform certain duties of a physician, under the supervision of a licensed physician. Some of the duties include history-taking, physical examination, treatment, and certain minor surgical procedures

Oncology social workers
Oncology social workers are professionally trained to counsel patients who have cancer and help provide practical assistance. These professionals can help find support groups, locate community services, and help with financial assistance.

Excerpted from Understanding Pancreatic Cancer: A Guide for Patients and Families. © The Lustgarten Foundation. All rights reserved.

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