Thanks to private funding, 100% of every dollar donated to The Lustgarten Foundation goes directly to pancreatic cancer research.

Public Service Announcements

With the enduring commitment of its Corporate Advisory Board, The Lustgarten Foundation has works to heighten public awareness of pancreatic cancer through the airing of public service announcements (PSAs) that appear on major television and cable network stations nationwide.

The Foundation's debut PSA ("We Can Do It Again") features Honorary Chairman of the Foundation’s Corporate Advisory Board, former President Jimmy Carter, urging public support for increased research funding. The television-based PSAs have been viewed by well over 30 million Americans. PSAs have also been brought to print, with ads appearing in daily newspapers and major health and entertainment magazines.

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Dr. Randy Pausch

"Life. Lessons. Legacy." (2008)

President Jimmy Carter

"We Can Do It Again" (1999)

"We're Not Standing By" (2002)

"My Father's Eyes" (2007)

Matthew Modine

"Join Me to Find a Cure" (2005)

"Reason for Hope" (2006)

curePC Campaign

"Bryan Cranston" (2009)

"Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk" (2009)

"Willam Hurt" (2008) 

Join the Fight" (2008) 

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