Cablevision’s support of The Lustgarten Foundation ensures that 100% of every donation goes directly to pancreatic cancer research.


Focused Research Strategy

In early 2010, The Lustgarten Foundation announced the formation of a Pancreatic Cancer Research Consortium. The Consortium represented an expansion of the research mission of the Foundation. The commitment of Cablevision Systems Corporation to underwrite all of the Foundation's administrative expenses allowed us to undertake additional research projects, broader in scope and more focused than grants previously awarded. It also put the Foundation in the position to require, and thereby foster, collaboration and cooperation among some of the world’s leading scientists. The decision to move to a more focused research strategy, where the Foundation selects the areas for research, was solidified with the funding and completion of the project to sequence the genome for pancreatic cancer. The implication of that project is significant to the future of the field.

The Scientific Board of the Consortium is charged with:

  1. Developing a Research Map that will lead to early detection, more effective treatment, and ultimately a cure for this disease.
  2. Designing and performing significant collaborative research projects.
  3. Oversight of the research program of the Foundation.

In order to assure that worthwhile research projects beyond the Consortium are not overlooked, a committee structure was developed to solicit research applications for funding considerations. These committees include the following:

  1. Clinical/Translational Committee to identify clinical trials in which the Foundation can participate both within and outside the Consortium institutions.
  2. Innovator Awards Committee to solicit and review applications in the areas of basic science and translational studies. These awards may cover a two-year period and are open to all researchers, non-members and members of the Consortium.
  3. Ad Hoc Task Forces to develop Requests for Applications (RFAs) on specific areas identified by the Scientific Board. These RFAs are open to all researchers. Task Forces are currently underway for the following areas: a) K-Ras b) Imaging c) Biomarkers. Additional areas will continue to be developed.

Through this structure, we firmly believe that this strategy enables the Foundation to focus on significant research projects, fosters collaboration and cooperation, attracts top-notch research talents and resources and does not exclude any significant project from funding consideration. The scientific community is invited to follow our Web site for announcements about research awards.


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